Charted Lexicon – Bob Ross

Editorial data visualization produced for "The Charted Lexicon", the Popular Science's column on culture and society.

Team and partners:

Rahul Raho



Charted Lexicon is Popular Science’s column on data art. For each topic, they pitch a dataset and ask for a designer and/or artist to develop a data driven illustration. For the Spring 2021 issue, I was commissioned with an illustration on Bob Rosses work. The dataset consisted in the main color and subjects of his painting, extracted through image recognition algorithms.

The Joy of Painting have an interest in learning the craft. They want to chill, and Bob Ross, who hosted the program before he died in 1995, is a sure path to serenity. His subdued baritone and the gentle sound of a brush on canvas made him an ASMR artist for the analog age. You can almost feel stress evaporate watching the dabs and strokes coalesce into a landscape. Here’s a look at the science of elevating relaxation to an art form.